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One of the most transformational experiences I’ve ever had, was getting “unstuck.” The road to unstuck began when I lost a long-held, soul-crushing job and finally ended a tumultuous relationship. Topping off this combination, I was diagnosed with a stress-induced autoimmune response that I later realized catapulted my personal growth.

I struggled immensely. It is said though, if you are struggling, you are doing the wrong thing. As a result, I got clear and pinpointed my life’s work; to empower, guide and support clients to manifest their goals.

Being stuck occurs in dozens of forms from food and fitness to relationship and career. With the right tools, you can tap into your best self, opening up channels that unblock your forward energy and begin to change your life in positive, energizing ways. Everything you need to grow anew is within you.

My approach is grounded in creative and critical thinking. Harnessing a master’s degree in clinical social work, from U Chicago, 16 years in the field and a certification in coaching, I am able to hold a safe space for my clients to explore, wonder, investigate, question and develop their own solutions. At the same time, I gently challenge clients on to encourage them to new thought and growth.

When I am not coaching, I can be found teaching Zumba, conjuring up a recipe, dancing salsa and spending time with my family, friends and dogs.

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