Join Me for the One Small Change Challenge!!

The One Small Change Challenge-31 in 31 Days of JANUARY!

“When we say things like “people don’t change,” it drives scientists crazy because change is literally the only constant in all of science.”

The concept of change, for many of us evokes stress, fear or both. Our resistance to change often results in our inability to get out of a situation or impasse that we would like to get out of but feel unable to do so. We all have felt stuck at various points in our lives. But, what is the difference between those who get unstuck and move on to the next point of growth and those who just stay……stuck? The difference is in what they do and you can do it too!


Identify they’re stuck

Recognize the cause of being stuck

Know WHAT to do to get unstuck

Figure out HOW to do the What of getting unstuck

Get to work (one step at a time)

Sometimes we think to get unstuck we have to make enormous changes that throw our lives upside down. Sometimes that’s true. Most of the time though, it begins with

One Small Change.

This approach allows you to concretely identify 1) what is making you feel stuck, 2) WHAT to do to get you moving forward and beyond your identified impasse and, 3) HOW to implement the WHAT of what to change the situation. We often know exactly what it is we need to do to improve a challenging situation but we often do not know how. I can help you figure that out quickly. Even if it’s something that feels huge, you can get a big impact by beginning with small, do-able steps.

When you get good at identifying that you are stuck (and you can gain this skill starting now), you are able to do something about it, sooner and more easily and get back to feeling your best a lot faster. Who doesn’t want that!?

Join me this January for 31 in 31!  My goal is to provide 31 COMPLIMENTARY Consultations in 31 Days, for the New Year! Be the first to contact me for a one hour 1:1 or put together a small group of friends and do it together! Either way, let’s start your New Year off with One Small Change!

February: Love Yourself Through One Small Change!

Healthy is Not Just About the Food You Eat....

Healthy is Not Just About the Food You Eat....