February: Love Yourself Through One Small Change!

Ah, February! The month of love. Giving and receiving flowers, cards, chocolates, lovely dinners. And, what do you do to love or take care of, yourself? A spa treatment, massage or decadent desert  is lovely but, what if you cared for yourself every single day, like it was a love-myself fest, beginning right now, in February?

How long have you been telling yourself you will:

Eat better, Sleep more, Keep a journal, Exercise more, Stop eating sugar, Drink less, And a million other things on your list?

Loving yourself, taking care of yourself, raising your personal bar of self care and attention, begins with you making a decision to make One Small Change. You can start today. In fact you are starting today by the simple act of reading this article. Here’s a quick way to begin and get ‘er done:

 1)       List out all of the things you want to do, need to do, wish you were doing, since yesterday or fifteen years ago

2)       Identify your top five by whatever category; longest standing, most fun or exciting, most recent, etc.

3)       From the top five, pick the one that is:

a.        Easiest to begin today

b.       Most within reach

c.        Most feasible to get from point A to B to completion

4)       Set a time-line for when you want to accomplish your goal

5)       Get to work and work on it every day

 Whether it is a daily grounding ritual like stating daily gratitudes, going to a new exercise class, leaving work on time, not being late to events, it is all within your reach. If you would like help mapping any of this out, meet with me for a complimentary consultation and we’ll collaborate on a plan that is tailored specifically to you.


Join Me for the One Small Change Challenge!!