Aviva is supportive, non-judgmental, an excellent listener and quick to understand. In our time working together my home has become a more efficient, organized and beautiful place to be. Most importantly, she helped me to see that my lack of self-care had compromised my physical and mental health. Because of this revelation and the resulting strategies she helped me identify, I am enjoying better health, better habits, and a more hopeful outlook.
— S.H.
I love working with Aviva Brill. She is smart, funny, organized, reliable, and so very intuitive. Aviva lives her authentic self and challenges me to do the same.
— Sarah Lovinger, MD
When I met Aviva, I was excited for what my future had in store for me but wasn’t sure how to tap into it. Aviva helped me see that I held the pieces of the puzzle for my life in my hands. Everything I needed, I had all along. She guided me to a clear path and in three short months, my life has completely fallen into place. Without Aviva, I would still be trying to figure things out.
— A.W.
Aviva has been instrumental this past year in helping me with parenting issues (ranging from self-care to discipline strategies), home renovation (ranging from new color schemes to organizing a previously unmanageable and inefficient work space), and what I’ll call “happiness attainment” (ranging from strategies for re-framing thoughts in a positive way to adding activities and practices that bring joy to my daily life). In our time working together my home has become a more efficient, organized and beautiful place to be.
— S.H.



Your path to a happier, more balanced life is completely unique to you. 

I provide support and guidance as you navigate your way through challenges and into goals and dreams. Today is just the beginning. I’d love to talk with you.



About Me


My approach is grounded in creative and critical thinking. Harnessing a master’s degree in clinical social work, from U Chicago, 16 years in the field and a certification in coaching, I am able to hold a safe space for my clients to explore, wonder, investigate, question and develop their own solutions. At the same time, I gently challenge clients on to encourage them to new thought and growth.

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